What is the difference between the Fighter, Tactical and Hunter style knives?
For us, a fighter has a slightly wider blade. The Medium Tactical will have a blade around ~1.25 inches wide whereas the Fighter will be closer to ~1.5 inches. The Medium Hunter will be the same size as the Medium Tactical, but the handle will hide the pommel at the bottom (which is visible on both the Fighter and the Tactical styles). The Hunter will typically not have a swedge on the blade. Finally, the Tactical and the Fighter will have a thumb rest on the pommel for an inverted grip on the knife, while the Hunter has a rounded pommel with no thumb rest.
What types of finishes does TJK offer?
Check out our Finishes page for your answer!
What is a swedge?
A swedge is a faux double edge on the back of the blade on a knife. The swedge is used for reducing the weight of the blade and counter-balancing the handle. The swedge can be sharpened to provide a double edge. The swedge is generally only a fraction of the total blade length.
What is a bolster?
A bolster is a piece of material fixed to the knife between the handle and the blade. Bolsters are traditionally used to strengthen (bolster) critical junctions in the knife, such as the junction between the handle and the blade and the handle to the pommel (where blunt force strikes need reinforcement). Bolsters can also be decorative.
What is a choil?
The choil is a small, circular or triangular indentation in the blade, located near the handle, that indicates the beginning of the sharp part of the blade.
What is the ricasso?
The ricasso is the unsharpened length of steel between the handle and the sharpened portion of the blade on a knife.
What is a quillon?
The quillons, or guards, on a knife prevent the hand from slipping forward or backward off the handle.
What does 'full tang' mean? What about 'half tang'?
The “tang” refers to the portion of the knife steel that extends into the handle. In a full-tang knife, the steel forms the middle layer of the handle and is typically visible between the handle scales. In a half-tang or partial-tang knife, the steel may only extend half-way into the handle or less.

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