Don’t like the finish on your knife? Wish it was acid dipped, stone washed, satin, brushed metal, mirror polished or some other finish? We can do that. We’ll take off the old finish and apply the new one. Once the new finish is applied, the knife will appear as if it was purchased with the new finish already applied.
Have a knife with rust marks, scratches on the blade and chunks of the edge missing? As long as the damage is not too severe, we can fix it. Take a look at the gallery of before and after shots of knives we have successfully refurbished to get an idea of the work we do.
We can sharpen your knives to a razor edge. We perform both machine and hand sharpening. Check out some of our Youtube videos for sharpening demonstrations.
Are you or your chefs tired of never having sharp knives in your restaurant? Let us fix that for you! We will provide and deliver high quality, sharp knives to your business on a schedule of your choosing. You need five 10″ chef knives and three 12″ bread knives? How about ten parrying knives, 4 filet knives and a 8″ cleaver? No problem! Whatever your needs, we can provide you with freshly sharpened knives, delivered right to your door, probably for less than what you currently pay for sharpening the knives you already own.
Custom Creation
Do you have an idea for a blade you would like to bring to life? We love working with customers to make their dream blades a reality. Whether you want a Japanese-style tanto or an old western bowie, we can help translate your idea to a workable design and then forge that design into steel.

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