Rental and Lease Services

Here’s how the rental service works:

You tell us how many and what type of knives you need.
You need five 10″ chef knives and two 12″ bread knives? No problem. How about ten parrying knives, four 8″ filet knives and a cleaver? No problem. Whatever type and quantity of knives you need, we have you covered.
You set the schedule for how often we swap out the knives.
You want the knives swapped every week? Sure! You need them swapped every 10 days? Absolutely. You have no set schedule, but need to rent knives anyway? That’s fine–give us 72 hours notice and we’ll swap them out when you’re ready!
We swap out the knives on your scheduled swap date.
On your scheduled date, we bring a set of freshly sharpened knives and swap them out with the knives you have. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes which means no interruptions to your business, no fuss, no hassle, and no trouble.
We bill you one swap-out cycle in advance, you can cancel at any time.
If you cancel, we simply come pick up our knives at the scheduled swap-out time and that’s it! There’s no messy scheduling or contract to deal with. Simple and easy, just the way we like it.

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